Discovering a New Hotel Experience

Not all people who travel want to stay in typical accommodations. Rather than book a room at a large luxury hotel, they want something more distinct and intimate. What they need to look into is a Boutique Hotel, a small and unique setting that feels like a bed and breakfast, but is closer in size to a contemporary hotel. Booking a stay in one of these locations can turn what might have been an average vacation into a truly memorable experience.

A Look Like No Other

Many people have never heard of boutique hotels, mainly because they aren’t the first listings that pop up during an online search. This is due to the fact that hotels are built in unique locations with very distinguished architecture and don’t have the capacity to house hundreds of people. Typically located in the heart of a city that is rich in culture, the hotels are constructed within existing historic structures or built to mimic the surrounding architectural designs in order to establish a distinctive look. On the inside the hotels boast very modern decor that is flawlessly woven into the thematic architecture, creating an elegant ambiance that immediately sets them apart from average, modern day hotel design.

Sometimes Smaller is Better

Customer satisfaction contributes greatly to the success of boutique hotels. During their stay, guests will find that the staff is very dedicated to their well-being and enjoyment of the experience. Since these hotels are smaller, the staff has more time to focus on helping their guests find interesting places to visit, foods to sample, and activities to enjoy. They can also offer amenities that aren’t practical at larger locations. This includes benefits like 24 hour access to a fully stocked bar, a kitchen run by a celebrity chef, personal trainers on the premises, and specific areas designed to meet the needs of pets.

Never a Dull Moment

Although not every boutique hotel provides the same experience, locations like Treasury on Collins feature many conveniences similar to those listed above. Guests will also find that the rooms are spacious and intricately crafted, containing both modern and antique elements. For entertainment, no one will never feel as if there is nothing interesting to do since a vast variety of Melbourne’s businesses, restaurants, and attractions are located right within walking distance.

A Very Agreeable Expenditure

The idea of staying at a boutique hotel may sound pricey, but in reality is very affordable. The cost of this experience is comparable to most major chain hotels, but falls below the expense of staying at a luxury location. This reasonable pricing isn’t just for small rooms with a single bed; most of the hotels provide spacious accommodations with built in kitchenettes. The sizing also means that there are fewer overall rooms, which can drastically cut down on the background noise of other guests that one typically has to deal with. All of these benefits will make the stay of both the avid traveler and occasional vacationer well worth the money.

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